Off the Rails

Mini epics/prose poems from the edge of the eighties, nineties, noughties and numpties


They dragged some guy off the bus today, who was ranting and raving about how we’d all, as a nation, lost our way. How we’d allowed ourselves to become dumb, suckling zombies feeding off the beast, while some power elite feasted gaily at our expense. “It’s common sense!” he cried. “Wake up before it’s too… Read more »

The Daily Routine

A brief meditation on futility (Train audio courtesy of Glaneur de Sons via Wikimedia)

Midnight Hustle (Under Wood-Green).

Witching hour, ’round here, is populated with painted up, erotic creatures and amphetamine ghouls sliding through shadows and streetlight, in a peripheral line of sight like child-catching, tophatted dodgers with flapping-coated, green-grinning eyes as sunken as pin-pricks in a starless night humming with yellow-lit trains and the funky brass of endless traffic, always out of… Read more »