About Facing the Strange


‘SB Sweeney writes with a clarity and wit that brings to life the less glossy side of the eighties: a world of squats,  bedroom bands and cheap drugs, where a CV most likely meant a pint of cider and Vimto. The intriguing and intertwining tales make this fine book an addictive read.’
Deb Googe: My Bloody Valentine and The Thurston Moore Group


‘It’s La Bohême meets Trainspotting, with the
structure of a dream; a hole in the wall of the ordinary, an extraordinary landscape beyond.
Roger Ashton-Griffiths: Actor and Writer


‘One great long drunken rambling guitar solo of a novel!’
Tim Pears: Author


“Intimately observed in a dislocated,
photo-album-like scattering of substance enhanced scenes, alternating, temporally jumbled camera angles and personal documentaries… Facing the Strange is Fear and Loathing at the fag end of Thatcher’s Britain.”
Charles Patrick: Gonzo Junkie


Facing the Strange is a kaleidoscope of intertwined lives told with verve, humour and – despite its darker themes – lightness of touch.

It is a thoroughly absorbing – if demanding – read, executed with the fast-paced, disjointed quality of a hand-held camera.”
Mary-Lucille Hindmarch: Oxford Times


A review on University of Oxford Continuing Education’s News


A piece by Liz Nicholls in Round and About, an Oxfordshire listings magazine


A rock musician on the brink, his drunken father and the grieving widow of a murder victim. Facing the Strange is a tale of three lives in free-fall at the end of the analogue age – the lives of three characters that hold the key to one another’s redemption.

Facing the Strange is published by StreetBooks.